Art at Flagler Banyan Square

Since its inception, the mission for Flagler Banyan Square has been to integrate the new development into the historic and artistic community of West Palm Beach, Florida. One way in which this mission is manifesting itself is through the public art space located on the Flagler Drive pedestrian edge of the Square, our 8,000 square foot events lawn. After a thorough search, developer Frank Navarro chose to commission Joe O’Connell with Creative Machines to create a unique piece of art that would stand elegantly along the waterfront and would be accessible to the public.

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Creative Machines is a group of artists, engineers, and fabricators who have developed interactive exhibits, ball machine sculptures, and public art across the globe since 1995. Their work is characterized by its dynamic and interactive elements as well as pushing the limits of mechanical fabrication techniques. Creative Machines' art graces museums, university campuses, private residences, and now Flagler Banyan Square.

O'Connell's custom installation, Codes, along the waterfront edge of the events lawn features dozens of glass orbs that illuminate and reflect colorful light depending on the time of the day and the position of the sun in the sky. The interplay between the industrial elements of the piece and the natural elements of color and light contribute to a unique artistic experience that